beingNet Alliance was officially launched

31 Mar 16 Written by  Published in NEWS & EVENTS (EN)

We are pleased to announce beingNet Alliance was officially launched. The founder and former chairman of Acer Inc., Stan Shih, called for industrial partners to change the world. Partners of beingNet Alliance included Stans Foundation, Global Bio-Industry Technology Development Foundation, Acer Inc, Tons Lightology Inc and 5W Computing & Communication Ltd. Together they’re committed to create a Wangdao IoB ecosystem and start a cross-industry revolution. 

The initialing conference of beingNet Alliance was held on the 3rd of December. The alliance was founded by the chairman of Stans Foundation - Stan Shih, the chairman of Global Bio-Industry Technology Development Foundation - Tso-Kwei Peng, president of Acer Inc BYOC Business Group - Maverick Shih, Tons Lightology Inc chairman- Tom Tang and the GM of 5W Computing & Communication Ltd - Jason Kao.

beingNet Alliance is scheduling to hold founding congress in the middle of 2016, and will officially run afterwards. This is not only the founding congress of beingNet alliance, but also an IOB exhibition which consolidates technologies with industries. At the time, the alliance will take aggressive moves to invite respectable representative as the president of the alliance, and to recruit for all industrial partners.

Stan Shih pointed out beingNet Alliance is different than other consortium operated by IT companies that pursue to consolidate industries vertically. Instead, Wangdao is the core concept of beingNet Alliance and by which the alliance builds a Wangdao IoB ecosystem to create co-values with members and seek the balance of benefits for all ecopartners. Furthermore, the alliance listens to industrial demands, breaks the barrier to old technology thinking and creates a brand-new value of parallel consolidation among industries.

Stan Shih also proposed the vision of “IoB” (Internet of Beings) to all participants in the initialing conference of beingNet Alliance. He said, “the IoT without insight couldn’t benefit people truly. Hence, the IoB was born.” The name of beingNet Alliance is also originated from this IoB concept.

At the same time, Stan Shih invited all industries to join and create Wangdao IoB ecosystem. He expected beingNet Alliance could focus on food, clothing, living, transportation, education, entertainment, medical and healthcare related industries. It combined technology with industries step by step, and creates new value to solutions exportation and the duplication of successful cases.

The design philosophy of beingNet Alliance logo is originated from the 13th hexagram symbol of I Ching which means society and fellowship. The colorful design represents the industrial combination of technology and food, clothing, living, transportation, education, entertainment, medical and healthcare. The alliance expected more partners with same idea to join through this hexagram symbol.

It’s said by Tso-Kwei Peng, “Cross-industry cooperation is the subject that Taiwan needs the most now. Each industry has its own experience and advantages. I am very pleased to hear IT industry to choose agriculture as the first topic to run beingNet Alliance. We should make good use of the resources and technologies of IT industry to assist agriculture industry towards digitization, increasing productivity, and creating new business opportunities in the future. Stan Shih and I are on the same page, and we two hit it off right away. I sincerely hope that more people can join and realize the “gang-war” concept across industries.”

Jason Kao, the GM of 5W Computing & Communication Ltd and one of the beingNet initial partners, said: “The value chain of IoT technology is not linked properly now, neither the industrial needs can be heard. Through beingNet Alliance, the industrial needs can be transformed to product developing directions of ICT industry. These are in line with the thought “Begin with the End” and “Create Seamless Value Chain” advocated by Stan Shih.”

The beingNet ecosystem tour was demonstrated in the beingNet Alliance venue on the 3rd of December, showing the products of 5W Computing and Communication in real-time monitoring system of agricultural and fresh products logistics. Therefore, traceability of transportation makes up the final piece puzzle of traceable products. The system is also combined with Acer BYOC. It not only displays information in real time, but also provides innovative services through data analysis.

Notes – The introduction of part of the initial partners.

  • Global Bio-Industry Technology Development Foundation
    Global Bio-Industry Technology Development Foundation focuses on activating the integration and trading of agricultural biotechnology industry. They urge agriculture industry to continuously pursuit, create, and implement new knowledges, and accelerate the development of IT technology to boost upgrades in agricultural. They assist government in increasing the value chain and sustainable operation of agricultural.
  • Tons Lightology Inc.
    Established in 1991, Tons Lightology Inc. now has offices in Taiwan, China and the United States and provides professional lighting solutions to customers worldwide. Tons Lightology Inc. is devoted to professional lighting since it started. They develop products that precisely meet customers demand, meanwhile, looks into the environmental protection, and space harmony. They produce “Impregnable and solid” products and has high reputation as a lighting expert worldwide.
  • 5W Computing & Communication Ltd.
    As a startup company established in 2015, 5W Computing & Communication Ltd. focuses on the integration of wireless sensor network and digitalize experiences from industrial experts. They link end-to-end value chain of industry and technology and form innovative services.
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