What is beingNet Alliance.

beingNet Alliance is different than other consortium operated by IT companies that pursue to consolidate industries vertically. Instead, the alliance members come from all industries with domain knowledge and will be served by ICT members. Wangdao is the major concept of beingNet Alliance and by which the alliance builds a Wangdao IoB ecosystem to create co-values with members and seek the balance of benefits for all eco-partners. Furthermore, the alliance listens to industrial demands, breaks the barrier to old technology thinking and creates a brand-new value of parallel consolidation among industries.

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The collaboration of cross-industries members will speed up the integration of industry intelligence and IoT. Which will also accelerate the capability of resources sharing and creating more values in order to balance the profits for all stakeholders and enhance compatibilities.

Benefits & Rights

Eligible to have a representative appointed or elected, voted of the organization
Eligible to participate events hosted or joined by the organization
Eligible to participate seminar, conference and exhibition hosted by the organization
Eligible to use the organization's trademarks in connection with Member's certified products and/or services
Executive Member List
Individual Member List
Formosan Life

The beingNet Alliance creates cross-industry corporation. Working with ICT resources and domain knowledge as insights to fulfill industry needs and create accurate products to optimize industrial processes. Therefore, the development of IoB can be accelerated with integral total solutions.

Boards of Director
The Board of Directors provides strategic and financial oversight of beingNet Alliance resources and staff.
Stans Foundation, GBTDF, Acer, Tons, 5W
Group Members
The group members assign more member to participate the technologies/industries demand definition direction.
Individual Members
The individual members as the powerful users or Start-up on the IoB.
 All works